Save Up To 30 – 50%
On Your Routes
With InvigiSense
Wireless Tank

InvigiSense lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from your computers, tablets or smartphones.

We answer the question of how many gallons where and when, providing data you can use to improve your operational efficiency, reduce your costs, and expand your customer base.


  • "After researching and testing several tank monitors, we looked at the Invigicom solution. The InvigiSense monitors are extremely easy to install and operate. The monitors performed well in one of our tank farms so we are now installing them with our traditional 'milk route' customers and seeing a large positive impact on our operations." - J. H. Williams Oil Co. Inc., Bradenton, FL.

  • "In a tank farm that includes 26 tanks with a variety of different sizes, shapes and ages, manually monitoring them was both an expensive and inaccurate chore. Invigicom solved all of the installation challenges including tanks with non-standard ports, stand pipes, man ways and domed tops. They provide a complete solution to our problem." - Best Oil Line Oil Co. Inc., Tampa, FL.

  • "These foks look after their customers; they show up in your office and fix the problems. Installing wireless monitors in industrial sites, tank farms and warehouses can be difficult with the potential for both wireless communications and sensor problems. Invigicom typically sees the problem before we do and they come and fix it." - H. R. Lewis Petroleum Co., Jacksonville, FL.